Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Adventures Through Photos...

Here is how our summer went...

Amelia turned 3 months

First 4th of July...slept right through the fireworks

First trip to SF... Mom and Dad are horrible at selfies

Not even 4 months and sitting up

Mama got a new bike and entered a century ride with Kaylee!

Daddy says Millie Mae looked like a turtle

Family at Lake Angora

Amelia loved the water even though it was so cold!

The gang at the lake!

4 months!

The family that A's together, stays together!

First pigtails!

Play date with Stacie, Auntie Elaine, and Clara

Auntie Elaine made new headbands!
Lindsay and Abe moved to SF! 
Giants Game....

Someone is very excited for Disney World!

Happy girl at church

Amelia loves swinging, and well, anything that keeps her moving!

Rolls upon rolls upon rolls!

And to the present, 5 months!

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